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The Kilinjaro Swamp

The Kilinjaro Swamp (also once known as the Swamp of Death) is a contested territory in the southern part of the Fallen Kingdom. Among its murk-ridden marshes stand settlements built by the orcs of Tal’Roth today inhibited by the swamp tribe. Far distant from civilization, the Kilinjaro Swamp is a stagnant marshland of sucking bogs and weeping trees. The ocean seeps into the fen, making the water brackish and ideal for the green dragons that inhabit the swamp. Salt deposits encrust fallen logs and protruding rocks. Despite these dangers, the Tal Roth Orcs have taken advantage of the region's distance from Druid Square to establish a colony just beyond the swamp. A flight of green dragons guards the Tree Temple, or Temple of the Old Druid God, an ancient god edifice that channels demonic energy and drives living creatures to madness and violence.


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